My Beetle Restoration


I’ve always been a fan of VW Beetles and have owned two in the past — a 1967 and a 1971. I traded in my 1971 in 1984 to purchase a new Mazda 626 and I gave my 1967 to my sister in the late 80’s so that she would have a car for college. Since giving away my last beetle, I have wanted to get another one, but for one reason or another just never did. After a couple of years of frequently seeing one stored in a neighbor’s garage, I got the “bug” and decided to ask if he was willing to sell it. He wasn’t, so I started searching the internet for one. First, I looked for my favorite year, a 1967, and then decided to look for one the same as my birth year, a 1960.

In June, 2010 I found a 1960 ragtop that was in my price range at and inquired about it. The owner provided great information both in the form of answered questions and photographs. We conversed for several weeks via many emails and one phone call and I decided to make the purchase. So in mid-July, my father, my son, and I made a road trip from central Texas to Fargo, ND to pick it up. After 4 days of driving, it was in my garage waiting for me to bring it back to its former glory.

This site is intended to chronicle my attempt to restore this car for my friends and family and anyone else who may be interested. I am by no means an expert in automotive restoration nor am I a mechanic or technician. I am nothing more than a guy with basic tools, one available space in my two-car garage, and lofty ambitions. I hope it will be at least a little interesting, maybe a little entertaining, and possibly helpful for a couple of people. We will see…

To view the posts of my progress, you can select The Restoration at the top of the page to view the latest entries first followed by each previously new entry, or you can select the different categories (Disassembly, Body Work) and view the entries in the order they were posted. Also, most of the images displayed on the site are expandable. Just click on the image to open a window with a larger image and then click again on the window to close.

So have a look around and post comments, if you like. Thanks!

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