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Removing the Wiring Harness

by on Oct.17, 2010, under Disassembly

Removed the wiring harness today. I cut the loose wires from the three branches of the harness that were under the front hood, leaving only the area of the harness with the black shielding. I taped on a pull string so that when I pulled the harness through to the engine compartment, I would have a way to pull the new harness through once I get to that point. The harness is routed from the front hood area to the engine compartment through a channel in the roof that is just under the rain gutters. There is ample room in this channel, so I’m hoping to not have too much problem pulling the new harness through it. That will be a while from now, though, and after all the body work and paint are done.


In the trunk, I did notice a section of the wiring harness where the shielding had melted. This could have been part of the electrical problems reported by a previous owner, which was supposedly why it was never driven again.


I also vacuumed out the debris in the front trunk area and the engine compartment. There was plenty of leaves, grass, dirt, and spider webs from all of the years of sitting outside. Once I had cleaned the half-inch thick debris off of the engine, I pulled out the dip stick to see if it showed any oil. It was full to the line and the oil looked very clean. Of course, I’m guessing that all the sludge has settled to the bottom of the engine in the last 25 years. I was told that this was a rebuilt engine and that it wasn’t driven long after the rebuild. It is definitely not the original engine as the engine number doesn’t match the number provided by Volkswagen.



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