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Preparing for Engine Removal

by on Nov.20, 2010, under Disassembly

I started preparing for the removal of the engine. I disconnected the accelerator cable from the carburetor and removed the accelerator return spring seat, the return spring sleeve, and the return spring. I also removed the conduit which feeds the accelerator cable through the fan shroud.


I removed the top two engine bolts – actually, the one remaining top bolt as the right side bolt was already removed at some point. I then removed the air cleaner and the breast plate (engine tin) that fits between the engine and the rear apron. The breast plate really needs to be out of the way when dropping the engine, but the air cleaner was removed just to have it out of the way so it wouldn’t get damaged and so that I wouldn’t have to raise the body up as high to get the engine out. The air cleaner is the top most part of the engine.


The rest of the preparation to remove the engine requires raising the body and getting underneath it and I’m going to start that another day.

I started removing the emergency brake handle components. I removed the adjusting nuts on the cables where they connect to the handle and tried to remove the handle assembly, but the pin was rusted and frozen inside the handle. I sprayed it with penetrating oil and will try it again later.


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