My Beetle Restoration

Removing the Engine

by on Dec.08, 2010, under Disassembly

I jacked up the rear of the car and set it down on the top position of my floor stands. I got under the car and removed the bottom two engine nuts. The fuel line was missing and the heater cables and choke cables were already disconnected, so there wasn’t anything else that needed to be or removed or disconnected. I placed the jack under the engine and raised it until it was barely lifting it. I then wiggled the engine back to clear the main transmission shaft and the bottom engine studs and found that there wasn’t enough space to pull it back and clear the shaft and studs. The engine was hitting the rear apron and still needed another ½”- ¾“. No matter how much I pulled back, there just wasn’t enough space. After dropping the engine a little, I was able to get it to clear the rear apron, but it required quite a bit of wiggling and rocking it around. I also had to turn the distributor to get the vacuum unit out of the way and remove the distributor cap as well. Once it was lowered down to the floor, I set it on a couple of short 2’’x 4” wood scraps.


Because my jack wasn’t able to lift the body high enough to get the engine out directly under the rear apron, I had to lift it as high as it would go and slide it out on the side, next to the rear driver side wheel. Not the best way to do this, but the only option I had with my tools. I plan to make a dolly to put the engine on so that it can easily be moved around the garage. With limited space, I constantly have to move things around to make space to work and will need an easy way to move it.



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