My Beetle Restoration

February 2018 Update: A Sad Portrait of Reality

by on Feb.15, 2018, under Body Work

The intention of this post is to maybe give a realistic example of what happens with amateur restorations and the on-again, off-again, or maybe just off-again progression that many experience. If you have a project in your garage that looks like mine, you are not alone. Not that my failure should make you feel better about yourself. I remember reading my first restoration blog and the writer stating that it took him 9 years to complete the restoration and thinking to myself how ridiculous it was to take that long to restore one car. Well, I'm quickly approaching having this car for 8 years now and having done not much more than take it apart (the easy part) and think about it for a really long time. I am hoping to get started and stick to it very soon. I mean it. Really this time...

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