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Speedometer Beauty Ring, Dash Plates, and Glove Box Door

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Disassembly

Today, I removed the remaining dash components – the beauty ring for the speedometer, the left and right dash grills, and the glove box door.

The speedometer beauty ring is held in place by four tabs on it that are bent over the dash opening. The plating on it is pitted and it will either need to be re-plated or replaced. Re-plating may be the better option as the replacement is nearly $30.

Beauty ring, front view.
Beauty ring, rear view.


The dash grills are both fastened to the dash by four tabs that fit through slits in the dash and the tabs are twisted to crimp them against the dash. The tabs were covered with a small amount of a clay-like material, probably to keep them from vibrating loose and rattling.

Right dash grill, front view.
Right dash grill, rear view.
Left dash grill, front view.
Left dash grill, rear view.


Last, I removed the glove box door. At some point, someone installed a pull-knob on the front of the door, most likely to make it easier to open. I will remove it and fill the hole left by the mounting screw. The molding on the glove box door and the dash grills will need to be re-plated or replaced.

Glove box door, front view.
Glove box door, rear view.


The bare dash:

Bare dash, front side.
Bare dash, front side.
Bare dash, front side.
Bare dash, front side.
Bare dash, back side.
Bare dash, back side.
Bare dash, back side.


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