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Headlight Switch, Wiper Switch, Fuse Blocks, Hood Catch & Several Other Interior Items

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Disassembly

Today I removed the headlight switch, the windshield wiper switch, the fuse blocks, the hood catch, the hood release cable & knob, the rear view mirror assembly which includes the visors, and the coat hooks & assist straps.

Both the headlight switch and the windshield wiper switch are fastened to the dash with threaded aluminum retaining rings that are notched in the center of the ring. These notches are used by a special tool to tighten and loosen the retaining rings. The tool is hollow, fits over the switch stems, and has two nubs that fit into the notches in the rings to grip and turn it. I don’t have one of these tools, but was able to twist the switches enough to loosen the rings and turn them with my fingers. I will need to purchase or make one of these tools before the switches are placed back in the dash. I’ve seen the tools available for around $20 at Mid America Motorworks. The switches will need to be tested to see if they still work, but the knobs will need to be replaced.

Headlight & wiper switches.


The two fuse blocks have paper inserts that label what each fuse is for. These are dirty and torn and will need to be replaced. It shouldn’t be too hard to scan them, replicate them, and print them out on card stock. The blocks themselves should be fine to use. They just need to be cleaned.

Main fuse block.
Headlight fuse block.


The hood catch is likely too rusted to be usable. I will have it sandblasted first and then decide. The hood release cable will be replaced. The knob is discolored and I cut the cable when disconnecting it from the hood catch thinking it was steel and rusty. It was actually very dirty copper and usable, but the knob needs to be replaced and is included with most cable replacements anyway.

Hood catch, top view.
Hood catch, bottom view.
Hood release cable & knob.


The chrome plating on the rear view mirror is pitted and will have to either be re-plated or I will have to replace the mirror assembly. The housing that surrounds the back of the mirror is aluminum and can be polished to like-new condition. The visors will be replaced and I can dispose of the stems that connect to the mirror as they are included with the visor replacements. One of the screws that fasten the mirror to the body appeared to be either stripped or loose as someone had wrapped fine wire around the threads. I’m going to replace the screws as well, so I’ll see if the problem persists when installing it back on.

Rear view mirror, with visors.
Rear view mirror, visor mounts.
Rear view mirror, front view.
Rear view mirror, back view.


I’m not sure if the coat hooks were original to the car or they were replaced at some point. These are aluminum and typically they would be plastic. I think they were likely an accessory. The original assist straps were replaced with leather straps. They will be discarded and replaced with the original rubber-like straps. I won’t know if the coat hooks are worth keeping until after I clean them.

Assist strap, right side.
Assist strap, left side.
Assist straps.
Coat hooks.


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